Poppy Art (Michelle Fitzpatrick)

PoppyArt 2

Combining art with functionality Michelle produces artwork of iconic rock figures on canvas bags and T-shirts.

Joe Mutanti (aka Joey Mutant)

JoeyMutant 1

Vibrant artwork mixing physical, digital and video work to create psychedelic, distorted and glitched out visuals

Punk Rock Cartoons (David Worth)

PunkRockCartoons 1

Cartoon Caricatures of bands and people from the world of Punk, Alternative, Metal, Movies and Pop.

Paul Hannah (aka Paul Aitch Art)

PunkBritannia 1

Escher inspired Tessellation Portraits and “Big ‘Eds” of rock and TV personalities

Dr. Victor Freakinstyle

DrV Freakinstyle2

Combining manmade and natural materials, he creates humorous and startling sculptures.

Tony Unu Shaw


Drawing and painting punk rock images since 1977 Tony has produced artwork on paper, canvas, jackets, mdf and murals.

Rachael Haney

 Rachael Haney

Freelance illustrator for many years. Rachael has now started a new career as a tattoo artist

Jez Keefe

Jez Keefe

Grimsby-based freelance photographer specialising in live music events.

Joshy Hislop

Joshy Hislop

Tattoo artist at Leeds based studio Blind Eye Tattoo Company.

Dale Grimshaw

dale grimshaw

Urban/street artist who calls on powerful emotions and strongly held beliefs to fuel his creative output.