STRUMMERCAMP OFFICIAL: Hi everyone, thought I'd better post information regarding next year, I've spoken with a few of you but need to let everyone know- after thinking long and hard I've made the very difficult decision to have a rest year in 2016 for Strummercamp, with a view to look forward with new ideas, new input for 2017.. Apart from personal reasons I just think that after 10 great years it's time for a break, I really want to get more people on board with fresh ideas etc.. BUT, I will definately be arranging an all day get together/gig over the bank holiday in May, and hope that many of you will make it.. Looking at a few different venues for this at the moment but happy to look at any suggested suitable places anyone may suggest ( thinking maybe a large pub with grounds, not too far from central Manchester, easy access..) I'm hoping this will be an ideal way to keep the spirit alive and share ideas, and start planning for the year after.. Sincere apologies to anyone who may have made plans , I know how much this weekend means to so many of you, hope you can understand the need for a break.. I'll post any updates on here ASAP.. ( p.s. ; I would like to thank every single one of you who contributed to raising the money so successfully, and so quickly to cover this years shortfall- it was overwhelming to say the least, can't thank you enough).. Please share this to anyone who may need/ want to know, many thanks for the continued support.. Phil Fitzpatrick